Vintage Bikes

All bikes in this gallery available for rent to photographers and film companies. Normally these bikes are not for sale. Please contact us for rental rates.

1895 Thomas. (U.S.A.) 1898 Early Canadian Safety1925 CCM Flyer. (Canada)  1925 Cleveland (Canada) Made by CCM1930 Norman. (England) 1930. CCM Flyer (Canada)1930. Planet. (Canada)1930. Sunbeam. (England)1932 Doc Morten. (Canada)1932 Planet track racing bike. (Canada) CCM Pace follower. (Canada)1935. Planet. (Canada)1935. Planet. (Canada)1935. Hamlet. (Denmark)1936 Bates Track Bike
1938. Gazelle. (Holland)1945. CCM (Canada)1945. Monark (Sweden)1945. Monark (Sweden)1950 Willier. (Italy) 1951 Bianchi. (Italy)1952. Claud Butler (England)1952. Lugano. (France)1954 Rochet. (France)1959. Rotrax. (England) 1959. Rotrax. (England)1965. Moulton1972 Mercier. (France)1972 Mercier. (France)1978. Olympia. (Italy) Photo credit: David Harris, 2002